Top 7 Spots To Visit In Taveuni, Fiji

Taveuni is known around the world as the “Garden Island of Fiji” and it is very easy to understand why since we are talking about an island covered with beautiful lush rainforest, fauna, flora, and practically many things that are very rare, even in Fiji.

What you should know before you visit Taveuni is that around 80% of the land is covered and protected by the Bouma National Heritage Park. This helps shelter rivers, waterfalls, canyons, and creeks. At the same time, it offers you great options to climb, hike, and swim, in an island that is awe-inspiring.

With all this in mind, here are some incredible travel destinations that you absolutely have to consider while you plan your Taveuni itinerary.

Lavena Coastal Walk

If you want to see what Taveuni offers, the Lavena Coastal Walk gives you a great insight. You start on a beach that is secluded and filled with small lagoons and rock-pools. Then, you move on to really serene pathways only to reach a black-sanded volcanic beach. You also experience a wildlife-abundant rainforest and you eventually reach Naba, a totally charming Fijian settlement. A highlight will be the suspension bridge you use to cross over the Wainisairi River and the end of the walk takes you to the Wainibau Waterfalls.

Lake Tagimaucia

Lake Tagimaucia has great biological, cultural, and geological significance. This makes it a very popular tourist attraction in the island of Taveuni. It is located above Somosomo, right inside a scenic volcanic crater.

This area is the only place in the entire world where you can see the epiphytic flower. Culturally speaking, this flower is linked to a legend in which the flower was formed by tears cried by a princess when she was not allowed to marry who she wanted.

Des Voeux Peak

Des Voeux gives you the very best possible view of Taveuni Island. It is the second-highest peak, with a height of around 1195 meters. The climb is steep so be warned but you will enjoy it because you go through a tropical rainforest that allows you to see some of the indigenous fauna of Fiji. Once you reach the top, make sure you have your camera with you because you will see some breathtaking views. If you are lucky and the day is clear, you can see Vanua Levu and even Lau Islands.


Qamea is a small islet but I personally love it and have to mention it. It is off Taveuni’s coast but it is definitely worth it. This island has many wide bays that are lined with white sand, beaches filled with palm trees and numerous emerald-green peaks.

If you can visit, do it between November and December. This is when lairo happens, which sees thousands of land crabs migrating to the sea.

Somosomo Strait

This water channel is located between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. You want to consider a visit because of the wonderful underwater world and the spectacular marine life. Countless sea creatures are present here and the corals are colourful and simply beautiful. In addition, here you can find some pretty unusual formations. If you researched the most popular spots to visit in Fiji, you surely heart about one of them, the Great White Wall, which is a huge rock formation that is covered in corals and has a very dramatic vertical drop.

Vuna Blowholes

The southern tip of Taveuni is lined by blowholes. They appeared because the water coming from Vuna Reef came crashing right into the jagged coastline of the island. Then, it went through small crevices in the volcanic rocks of the shore. As a result, we have numerous shallow pits that spurt water intermittently. Sometimes, these go as high as 50 meters. The Vuna Blowholes are a unique geological site. It is particularly dramatic when the wind blows since the water transforms into an ethereal misty white veil.

Tavoro Falls

Last but certainly not least since Taveuni has so much to offer, I want to talk about the Tavoro Falls. There are basically 3 waterfalls scattered throughout the already mentioned Bouma National Heritage Park. One is very easy to access but for the other two, you will need to go through an arduous trek. Obviously, once you do so, you get to see some magnificent vistas across the archipelago and practically a lot of Taveuni.

Author: chelseanguyen

Proud owner of together with the love of my life who I met in Paradise in the early 2000s. Together, we run a beautiful resort and we love helping people relax and enjoy the hidden side of Fiji.

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